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“May 25th from 18h to 21h at my studio on 3 Rue Jacques Louvel-Tessier 75010, to mark the last two very productive years I’ve spent working and living in Paris. Paris has moulded my work: themes of understanding self and personal story through migration have been occupying recent works. Immersion. Barriers. Introspection. Language and accents. Wealth of memories. Newness. Heritage. Learning. Voice. How I look. Neighbourhood walks. Primal fear. Wonder and joy. Escape and fresh start. Launderette dynamics. Pangs of homesickness. I don’t belong. I do belong. Paris feels like the centre of it all.”

Past events

SOLO EXHIBITION at Galerie 10, Rue des Ecouffes, Paris on June, 2022

Solo exhibition of recent works on paper, canvas and video. The video piece was a collaboration with Rob Monaghan titled Non Subject Matter

MA EXHIBITION at Bastille Design Centre on May, 2022





“Overmother Metanarrative is an amalgamation of ideas with a central theme of Mother as a looming, authority, protective entity. Considerations of stifling overprotectiveness. It evolved from a more general look at family and domesticity and its links to caring through sewing, cooking, safe from harm, patterns, stability, continuity, home. During its evolution and process, I looked at feminist practice, totems, wings, the body, metaphysical links between animals and humans. For the patchwork section, I examined works by artists who use fabrics, and sewing, as well as traditions of patchwork, in particular slave patchwork because of their deep meanings.”

Overmother Performance piece at Bastille Design Centre on May, 2022

Duration – 10 minutes 

Madame De Creptitude performance at Republique, Paris on April, 2022

Launderette performance in Paris on October, 2021

“Performance/photo collaboration with my colleague Camille Boulay, who’s a filmmaker and currently MFA student in Drawing at Paris College of Art. This is one of a series of 12 photos by Camille, documenting a performance by me in which I was washing my drawings on garments at my local launderette as part of my work. She took photos of me en route to the launderette as well as in it.”